Medical Officer Noticeboard

The Medical Officer Noticeboard is a web application designed to improve task and clinical handover management, with a focus on Junior Medical Officer education. It was initially developed for Hunter New England Health and is running successfully in 8 hospitals throughout this network. More recently the Medical Officer Noticeboard has been installed into the ACT Health Network.

The application can be configured to support a single hospital or to support multiple hospitals. It can be customized to suit the individual needs of a hospital or health service if required. This can include integrating with an existing patient management system.

The features provided by the Medical Officer Noticeboard include:

Supported web browsers include Microsoft IE 7.0 or later, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome. The web application interface is touch friendly to support iPad and Android tablet devices.

Task management

  • Nurses and Medical Officers can log new tasks and view active tasks.
  • Medical Officers can claim and complete tasks.
  • Medical Officers can view recently completed tasks and mark them as uncompleted if necessary.
  • Nurses and Medical Officers can search for active or completed tasks by MRN, patient name, task type, sub task type, or task details.
  • Notices can be displayed if tasks are added within a particular time period on particular days. This can be used to advise a nurse adding a task during the day that they should instead page a Medical Officer.

Clinical handover (ISBAR)

  • Medical Officers can add new unwell patients using the ISBAR format and view active unwell patients including a history of recommendations.
  • Medical Officers can claim and complete unwell patient recommendations.
  • Medical Officers can search for unwell patients by MRN or patient name.
  • Medical Officers can register clinical handovers in which they can add a new recommendation for each active unwell patient or mark them as archived.
  • Medical Officers can view a history of clinical handovers including the recommendations made in each one.

Learning modules

  • Medical Officers can view a list of learning modules grouped into categories.
  • Each learning module includes a link to a presentation, an anonymous feedback form, a customized survey form, and a forum.

Additional educational resources

  • Medical Officers can view a list of additional educational resources grouped into categories.

Directory listing

  • Medical Officers and nurses can view a list of useful phone numbers, email addresses, and web links.

Rosters and Rovers

  • Medical Officers can view and update roster and rover documents and links.

Administration section

  • Allows administrators to:
    • Add/edit hospitals
    • Add/edit disciplines
    • Add/edit wards
    • Add/edit/approve/deny users
    • Add/edit roles
    • Add/edit permissions
    • Add/edit task types
    • Add/edit sub task types
    • Add/edit directory listings
    • Add/edit educational resources
    • Add/edit learning modules
    • Add/edit page content
    • Add/edit and email templates
    • Add/edit notices
    • Export various data sets/statistics

Online help

  • Detailed help pages for users and administrators are integrated into the application.


  • All inserts, updates, deletes, and views of patient information are audited.
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