About us

Our story

Do the right thing by your clients, and the rest will take care of itself. That’s been our philosophy since we started, more than 20 years ago. And it’s the reason NewtonGreen has more than tripled in size since then. People saw the strength of our work. The relationships we built. And word spread.

It’s also why many clients we started with are still with us today.

, NewtonGreen Technologies
, NewtonGreen Technologies

Our values

Curiosity: Being open minded. Digging to find the real problem.

Flexibility: Your needs can change. So our approach can change too.

Relationships first: It’s about building trust over time. Not just getting work out the door.

Delivering value: You get return on investment. Because we solve the real problem.

Tenacity: We don’t walk away from tough projects. There’s always a way through.

Our process

, NewtonGreen Technologies

Our leadership team

Andrew Green: Director and co-founder

“We never force a client to change their business to fit an IT Solution. We solve the business problem first. Work out what the client needs. Then build, buy or configure the software to fit.”

Michael Newton: Director and co-founder

“We run our business to support customers, not just to make a profit. We’re successful because our clients see that, and trust us to look after them.”