Solution Architecture

Defining Better

A plan to take you forward

Your organisation is embarking on a major IT project: rebuilding a whole system or launching a new service. But it’s uncharted territory.

Before you set out, you need to know the terrain:

We bring all our experience to mapping that territory. We’ve been delivering IT projects for more than 25 years, so whatever the problem, there’s a strong chance we’ve navigated something similar before.

And when we do recommend the way forward, we cover the field. We’re not bound to one platform or one approach. We may recommend building a whole new application. Or just customising off-the-shelf software. Whatever the approach, our direction will fit your business down to the ground.

Solution architecture services

Roadmaps and blueprints

The design and specifications you need to translate a strategic vision into an implemented solution, with timelines, costings and business requirements all articulated.

Systems audit

Analysing your current systems and assets, from security and data integrity to database schematics to asset lifecycle.  We pinpoint what’s not working and give you a clear plan for how to fix it.

Compliance analysis

We map the standards or regulations for your organisation from privacy and confidentiality right through to reporting. Then we assess whether your IT systems help you meet those requirements.

How we work

We’ll talk to stakeholders and users across your organisation, from the head of IT to the admin team. We’ll find out how they work and what they need to do their job, so the solution we develop isn’t just functional — it’s useful. We’ll track how information flows from point to point — and what the end user needs from your system.

In all our consulting, we look at how software can adapt to the way you work. Your requirements. Your business rules. And we frame our advice to get you ready for the next steps. Whether you choose to work with us to build the software or not, you’ll come away with all the detail you need to make it happen. 

We don’t just deliver another standalone application. We link systems together, so siloed information becomes useful intelligence.

Mike Newton, Director, NewtonGreen