Application Development

Building Better

Solve the whole problem

Your software is weighing down your work. Convoluted spreadsheets. Unstable applications. Data locked away in legacy systems. It’s hard enough to do the basics — let alone get your business ready to meet the challenges ahead.

You need an application developer who covers the field. Who brings together technical skill and strategic thinking. With 25 years in the industry, NewtonGreen has that experience.

If you need an immediate fix to get the problem under control, we’ll do that for you. And when you’re ready to tackle the underlying cause, we bring the insight to get to the root of what you need.

We always design applications with scale in mind. We’ve seen our clients grow. That means we can look ahead: building applications with room to move as your organisation grows.

Application development services

Web app development: creating responsive points of connection with your stakeholders and clients, making it easier to share information than ever before.

Mobile app development: designs for Android and iOS, rigorously tested and fully supported.

Desktop apps: Windows applications that give you greater visibility, stability and control.

Systems integration: do more with the software you have, bringing disparate applications into one functioning system. A channel that gets information out of applications and into the hands of your users.

Website design and development: start right. Create a new website with interaction built in: your centre for online engagement. 

How we work

We design and build what you actually need. Those needs will become clearer as we work together.

What we don’t do is force the solution to fit a specific technology. Over the years, we’ve used most of what’s out there. But we’re not tied to any one system. If you need something different, we make it work.

And we don’t believe in over-engineering or over-servicing. We’ll have an honest conversation with you about your overall goals. What functions are vital? What can be held over for a later phase (lowering scope and budget)?

When we deliver what you need, to us, that’s a great outcome.

What’s most rewarding for me is working with the customer within their means to find a solution

Andrew Green, Director, NewtonGreen