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, NewtonGreen Technologies

The problem

AusComply’s founders were confident that their business idea had value. But they needed an IT partner to bring it market.

Jason and Clive, founders of AusComply, wanted to make it easier for organisations to manage compliance paperwork.

For businesses like licensed venues and security firms, log books were their only option. But log books are hard to maintain, hard to store and difficult to produce when called for. If businesses are  audited, they risk being found to have breached regulations — not because they’ve failed to comply, but because they can’t show that they’ve complied.

Consequences are severe. A venue may have strict trading rules applied — restricted opening hours and rules that restrict serving of alcohol. This could cost a venue thousands of dollars in lost revenue each week. A security firm may have their licence suspended.

Jason and Clive had spent months talking to businesses. They understood the problem, and they had a solution: move compliance paperwork online. First, though, they needed help building the application. They’d talked to several providers, but none quite fit.  That’s when they came to us.

Our approach

What set us part — and why Jason and Clive chose us — is that we quickly understood their goals. 

We knew the solution had to be:

  • Compliant: venues and security firms could use the system to prove they were following the regulations
  • User-friendly: an intuitive and user-friendly interface, so that venue staff and security guards could easily record an incident while they worked
  • Robust: venues and security firms could have confidence in the system and the data being collected
  • Resilient: the system had to stay online and work quickly, even when under heavy load

Once we understood the requirements, we were upfront about the work involved. And we showed exactly how we’d deliver the solution.

The solution

We delivered:

  • An initial requirements and design document
  • A minimum-viable-product database and web application that enabled AusComply to start generating revenue
  • Continuous system updates to improve usability and performance, provide new features, and keep up-to-date with changing regulations

What we’re proud of is that we built the whole system from the ground up. Other providers sometimes try to start with off-the-shelf software, then modify the settings. This works sometimes, but usually means that the client has to compromise on the usability and features of the resulting solution. We started with a blank slate. This meant that, as we built the application, we had complete flexibility. We built what the client needed, not a compromise solution.


More and more venues and security firms are using AusComply’s application. They’re able to stay compliant — and prove that they’re compliant. That means better relationships with the police and regulators, and less stress for the owners and managers.

This project worked because we built a great product. But also because Jason and Clive understood their market so well. They saw how paperwork was weighing down business processes. And they showed how an online application made it easier.

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