Managed IT

Supporting Better

IT provider who’s on the ground in Newcastle?

We’re proud to be based in Newcastle, so we’re here when you need us. Smaller IT problems can be solved over the phone. But when your server has crashed or you’ve lost critical data, you need someone who’ll drive out to your office, fix the problem and get your systems back up and running.

We don’t stop there, though. You want assurance that your IT won’t fail again in six weeks, or six months. So once we’ve got your systems stabilised, we dig in to find the root cause. What triggered this, and what measures will stop it recurring?

Once we have the immediate problem solved, we look outwards: what other aspects of your IT can be streamlined to support the way you work?

Managed IT Services

Supporting better

Backup and Disaster recovery: using cloud-based imaging and/or local storage to restore your system with minimal downtime.

Infrastructure management: taking care of your infrastructure across its lifecycle, from procuring to retiring, and all processes and controls between those points.

System configuration: setting up your system, whether that’s infrastructure or application settings, so it’s optimised for your business.

Cloud migration: specifying and implementing your move to the cloud with Microsoft Azure or other providers.

Support services

Network security: protecting the integrity of your system against unauthorised access and attacks

Monitoring and reporting: giving real-time insight into the status and performance of your IT systems.

IT support: troubleshooting any IT issue that’s creating friction.

How we work

We’ll be your go-to IT provider. For everything. We solve whatever problem you throw at us. Nothing is off the menu: too hard or too niche. We’ll either be able to fix it ourselves, or find someone who can.

We scope and quote based on service. There’s no locked-in formula for costing the number of devices or users — that approach often means paying more than you need to. We take an honest look at your business and requirements, and talk it through with you.

Our agreement is to provide you with IT support regardless of how simple or complex it is. If we decide to take you on, we see it through.

Andrew Green, Director, NewtonGreen